About us

Our mission is to help motivated cat and dog owners to have a respectful relationship with their animal so that the cat or dog can thrive. We do this by providing a personal approach based on scientifically proven methods, both mentally and physically.

“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge” – Stephen Hawking

The courses, diplomas and annual training give you the advantage that we are always aware of the latest scientific insights and respond to them. We strive for a professional approach in which we also know and respect our limitations. Therefore, we will not hesitate to contact our network of experts to best help you and your pet. The combined knowledge and expertise can ensure a higher efficiency with which we always put the well-being of the dog or cat first.

When you choose Paws in Touch, you choose 200% dedication, motivation and passion to help dogs, cats and their owners. But… We also expect this in return!

In order to be able to best help you and your animals, we continuously invest in training and further education. We also work closely with your veterinarian in all our services. If you choose Paws in Touch you choose scientifically proven methods, passion and expertise.

Because we have a passion for happy pets! 🙂

Paws in Touch

Paws in Touch was founded by Daniëlla De Coster in 2016 as a pet sitter at home under the name “Meeko’s pet Sitter”, in tribute to their first dog: Meeko.

In terms of behavior, everything started with Nala, a treasure of a Kooiker dog… She listened perfectly and was an exemplary dog! Until puberty hit… As was recommended at the dog school, they became stricter and harder. The expectation was that Nala would feel and know who was boss and would subdue to the strict regime… But that couldn’t have been further from the truth. Nala developed Pica, a life threatening condition where dogs eat inedible objects such as, in her case, hard plastics, glass etc. But that wasn’t all, she would also lash out whilst on the leash, pulled very hard, barked visitors out of the house etc. An attentive veterinarian advised behavioral therapy and this is how she got in contact with the teachings of Geert De Bolster. After about 2 months, Nala would only eat natural things and normal food, she listened better and everything went a lot better overall.

“By not treating dogs as machines or power-hungry maniacs, a whole new world opened up to me. And the most shocking: This DID work!!”

A world where dogs do not need to be controlled, dominated or suppressed, but a world where they have the right to be unique. The most amazing thing was that this approach did work, even if it was the exact opposite of everything we were ever told. This was all so fascinating that the learning-process never stopped. There is just so much more then dogs being “dominant” and it is all so interesting!

But also with the experts, not all was/is perfect. The own dogs are still not anywhere near perfect in their behavior. But we wouldn’t want it any other way. 😀

Because of this experience the mission of Paws in Touch was created. Unfortunately there are still a lot of professionals out there stuck with old-fashioned and outdated habits for which there is no scientific basis… Also there are a lot of sayings about pets and their behavior amongst friends, neighbors, family which are being passed around but don’t contain much truth. To be blunt: it’s pure nonsense. This is also the reason why so many dogs, cats and their owners get into trouble and why pets develop anxiety disorders, aggression-related problems, compulsive behavior etc.

The general knowledge of pet behavior which is being passed on, is still largely based on folklore of which the pets and the owners are the victims. By follow advice which is not professional and has no scientific basis, dogs and cats can develop serious behavioral problems that affect their physical state as well. Chronic stress can lead to bladder inflammation, back problems, disrupted learning and cognitive problems, chronic gastrointestinal problems etc.

Paws in Touch wants to correctly inform owners and enthusiasts to reduce the chance of the development of behavioral problems and thusly improve the welfare of pets, both mentally and physically. This way the chance that these pets end up in a shelter or worse also reduces. It is time for the frustrations, feelings of shame, fear and guilt to stop.

Training and courses

In order to complete this mission, we need knowledge and insights. Which is why Paws in Touch follow these courses and trainings:

  • Dog Ethology and body language
  • The impact of nutrition and hormones on behavior
  • Nutrition for dogs: BARF and KVV
  • Dog Behavioral Counseling (Geert De Bolster)
  • specialization Problem Behaviors (Geert De Bolster)
  • Stress, fear, anxiety and aggression (Monique Bladder)
  • Dog Behavioral Therapy (Martin Gauss)
  • Do as I do (Claudia Fugazza)
  • Introduction to BAT (Grisha Stewart)
  • Train your bunny (Hopster)
  • Shelter, hotel
  • Animal Law
  • BAT: dealing with aggression and frustration (Grisha Stewart)
  • CBATI: Certified Behaviour Adjustment Training Instructor (Grisha Stewart)
  • First aid for dogs and cats
  • Massage techniques (Canine Shiatsu, canine massage and relaxation massage)
  • Cat Behavioral Counseling (Felinova)
  • Cat Problem Behavior (Felinova)
  • Cat Matrix: dealing with unwanted and problem behavior in cats (Felinova)
  • Behavioral medicine: wonderpill?
  • Aromatherapy
  • Canine sports massage: license 2 – advanced (Kynocompleet)
  • Movement therapy in case of injuries (Dogs in Shape)
  • Rehabilitation and stretching (Dogs in Shape)
  • Medical taping (Dogs in Shape)
  • Aromataping (Dogs in Shape)

Other that this, we believe in the principle of “lifelong learning”: so we are still learning more about:

  • Instructor course Selfawareness and Selfconfidence for dogs (N&N Dogtrainers en Kynocoach Academie)
  • Craniosacral therapy

The mission of Paws in Touch has been expanded since 2018. We do not only want to improve the welfare of dogs, cats and their owners, but also that of other animal species. Since most welfare-issues in animals stem from a faulty or outdated knowledge, Paws in Touch is proud to support Hopster VZW.

It is about time we see animals for what they really are and feel, based on what is scientifically proven, not based on what we think we see…

We don’t think the earth is flat anymore either, do we?