Cat Services


General (behavioral) advice, help with the education of your cat or any behavioral problems, a specialised webshop and a cat sitter at home. When only the best is good enough for your cat!


General (behavioral) advice

General information and advice on special events such as:

  • Moving
  • Arrival of a new cat
  • Baby on the way
  • You want to make your cat even happier! 🙂

Education & Training

Advice and guidance for people who have specific questions about the education of their cat or who want to train specific things like:

  • You want to make your cat even happier!
  • Specific behavioral advice
  • What does your cat actually need?
  • Socialization of kittens
  • Optimization of the environment
  • How do you best play with your cat?
  • Why does your cat do what she does?
  • Come when asked
  • Transport Basket-Training
  • Vet-Training
  • Learning Tricks
  • Mental enrichment for the cat
  • Teaching Special Things

Behavioral Therapy

Advice, guidance and training assistance with undesirable or problem behavior such as:

  • Aggression or tension between cats
  • Aggression to other animals or humans
  • Fear
  • Uncleanliness
  • Spraying
  • Scratching
  • Stress
  • Demanding attention (miauwing excessively etc.)
  • Hiding a lot or hyperactive behavior
  • Other undesirable or disruptive behavior such as the eating of inedible objects, excessive washing, etc.

Specialized cat sitter at home

When you are looking for a specialized and unique service… Our catsitter at home-service focuses on stress reduction and is therefore extremely suitable for the stress-prone cats or cats with behavioral problems such as spraying.

Our cat sitter at home contains:

  • Stress reduction
  • Use of feeding puzzles
  • Use of hunting stimulation
  • Use of all sorts of enrichment
  • Etc.
If you wish, we can optimize the environment to your cat’s needs while you are traveling!


In our webshop you can find the perfect cat toys and scent stimulations to get to know your cats ‘ preferences. In addition, you can also find the fantastic I love Happy cats Books in 3 languages and natural food for your cat!

Not sure which package is right for you?

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