Massage & Movement

Is your dog stress-sensitive or does he have problem behavior? Did your dog just get surgery or is it a sports dog? Massage and movement is the perfect support for behavioral therapy, but also as rehabilitation after surgery or as prevention of injuries! Just think of warm-up or cool down massages and exercises or the exercises and massage that a physical therapist performs on us.

Massage on dogs with behavioral problems such as aggression, hyperactivity, anxiety, etc. helps the dog to relax and get used to touch. The stiff muscles relax making your dog run less tense.

After surgery, movement therapy and massage can help your dog to get back in shape. Certain exercises will support your dog in the reconstruction or support of muscles.

Prevent injuries and help your dog to the optimal performance. A good warm-up, cool-down and possibly a massage against muscle aches do wonders for the performance, and health of your dog!

Extra support for your dog by using Kinesiotape. The tape allows movement but supports joints, muscles and helps to drain the muscle tissue.

We work closely with your vet. With a clear diagnosis we can tailor the program 100% to what your dog needs. 

Free and non-binding telephone appointment to go over what your dog needs and what we can do to help.

Not sure which package is right for you?

Plan your free conversation and we’ll walk you through whatever package would be most suitable for you.